Hello dear reader!

When was the last time when you have got a postcard with a nice photo, and you have looked a couple of minutes on it? When was the last time when you have got a postcard on your postal box?

Have you ever asked yourself what can you do from/with postcards?

For example, you can recycle the postcards and make new objects from them. Check here  and here to see ideas about what to create from postcards. I don’t use my postcard collection to create decorative things.

I am a postcard collector and I colect postcards for other purposes. So let’s see what are the postcards good for:

A postcard is an invitation to travel. You are looking at a wonderful photo and you are thinking: i must to see that place.

A postcard is a relique from old times. Or a way to travel in time. Discover from postcards the towns at the end of XIXth century, the beginning of XXth century, middle XXth century. On the other hand, the postcards represent a good source to see buildings which don’t exist anymore, or even sceneries which don’t exist anymore. For example, I have in my collection a postcard about the Ada-Kaleh, a smal island on the Danube which was flooded. Ada-Kaleh doesn’t exist nowadays, is under the Danube’s water.

Another time travel. I post below a postcard from Oradea-Romania, from 1917. Take a look first:


This is a night photo, which was rare at that time. Do you see the bridge on the river? Ok, that bridge was destroyed during the WWII, and a new bridge was built from concrete, after the war. On the left side, before the bridge is a building which as well, doesn’t exist anymore.

Now let’s go back from our time trip and see what are the postcards good for.

A postcard is a way to promote a local business: a restaurant, a hotel, a café, or whatever else.

A postcard is a way to promote… even yourself! if you dedicate yourself.

That was all for today, but I invite you to follow the blog for the further interesting information about how to promote something with postcard, what to do from postcard, and tips for postcard collectors.

See you next time!