Nice to see you again!

As I wrote somewhere earlier, I collect postcards for over than 10 years. As I remember, I bought my first postcard for the collection in 2000, when I was in a trip to Sighisoara, Romania. In 2003 or 2004… I don’t remember exactly, I have visited a postcard exhibition in Timisoara, the city where I lived. That exhibition was an inspiration point, and a strong stimulus to develop my hobby.

Since I use to collect postcards, I have met many interesting people, I have learned about new places, new facts, and more ideas… even ideas for the smal business which I plan. So, you can see where can you drive a hobby, if you are open minded. But what I want to mention is about when I have spoken about this hobby to the others.

It was written in a book about succes, that when you have a real passion, you will tel to the others about it. And the others will listen to you, ‘cause they will be attracted by your charisma. But what happened in reallity? Not everyone was curious about my passion for postcard collecting and making, but since I have spoken about this passion, I have met people who offered me postcards (great!) and helped me to make my first postcard series (so great!).

Today, I have got some postcards from England, and one from Malta. All of them were sent from England, from my colleague’s daughter, who lives there.

postcards from England and Malta

Thank you, Melinda for these wonderful postcards!

And you can see what happens when you communicate and speak loud about the postcard collecting hobby.

Do you have a similar story? Please leave me a comment with your story, your experiences when you have told about your passion to the others.

See you next time!