I use to look everywhere around and search the internet to find new and useful information about postcard making, collecting, and others. One of my searches leaded me to a successful story, from Moldova.

Postcard business example in Moldova

First, let’s see where is Moldova. That’s a small country, in Eastern Europe, between Romania and Ukraine. During the WWI, the Romanians took Moldova back from the Russians, and they have attached it to Romania. During the WWII, the Russians took Moldova from Romanians and the Russians have included it in the Soviet Union. In 1991, after the fall of USSR, Moldova became an independent country. The majority of the Moldavian people have voted against the unifying with Romania, so since then, Moldova remained a small independent country.  The capital of Moldova is Kishinev (Chișinău).

Ok, enough with the geography and history lesson. Now let’s go to the story with postcards.

In Kishinev, lives the Crani familly who began a small business from postcard designing. Anna Crani is a postcrossing member and she likes to send representatives postcards for Moldova. The problem was that she couldn’t find easilly representative postcards for Moldova, for Moldavian traditions. Then, Anna together with her husband Stepan Crani, have decided to design their own postcards. Stepan is architect from proffession and he makes the drawings. By time, the Crani familly turned the hobby for postcard making, into a small business.

The postcards made by Crani familly are based on drawings, they contain traditional Moldavian food recipes explained in a funny way, or a representative figure for Moldova. Their first postcards have been sold during a local fair, and later on, they have sold postcards through bookshops, and even through a webshop.

Here is the webshop where you can find the Crani familly’s postcards: http://shop.marawoman.org/collections/monstrcards

„Due to the fact that nowadays is easier to write or send a greeting card through e-mail or social media, where you can even add an image, many people see in the printed greeting cards an echo from the past. I’m sorry that it happens. Only a greeting card with image and some words written by the sender’s hand offer more special feelings to you.” – said Anna Crani.

The Crani familly produces greeting cards as well, which you can find on the same webpage: http://shop.marawoman.org/collections/monstrcards

The goal of this article was not to advertise a business. My goal was just to bring an inspirational story to you, a story about how can you make money from postcards. For sure, there will be more successful stories on this blog.