Some people who are passionate for postcards reach a point when they decide to turn the passion into a business. And some of them are doing good business with postcards. Their stories are successful stories and might even inspire other postcard passionates to start a small business.

Now I will show you a successful story what happened in Oradea – Romania, the city where I lived before.


Adrian Samoilă and his postcards

I remember when once… years ago, I’ve walked through the Oradea’s city center. There, I saw a stylish cargo bike with a mobile stand. At that stand, different postcards about Oradea were exhibited and sold. I’ve never seen so stylish postcards about Oradea before. This was one of the postcards, now it belongs to my collection:


It represents a part of the Oradea’s city center, between the two World Wars. By the way, the steel bridge from the back doesn’t exists anymore. It was destroyed during the WWII and later, a new concrete bridge was built close to it.

Even the postcards based on actual photos have an own style:


By the way, this photo was taken from the concrete bridge, which I have mentioned above.

I have searched for details and I realised that the postcards were produced by Adrian Samoilă, who has developed a business from his passion. I’ve tried once even to get hired to his studio, but I wasn’t accepted. But I’ve continued to buy his postcard collections.

In 2004, when Adrian was just a student at the Faculty of Arts, he has got an idea to create original postcards about Oradea city. He had the feeling that the citizens from Oradea don’t realise the beauty of that town. There are many historical buildings, the city has a rich cultural and historical heritage. But the local people, in the day-by-day life, they have forgotten to see the beauty of the city,

Then, Adrian began his project, starting from old postcards about Oradea, from the interwar period, and he has edited them using the modern technologies (image editing on image editor softwares). To be original, he had included different figures on the images: a little boy who smiles behind a photo camera (as you can see above), young girls, a white cat, stands with sellers from those times, etc. And, not at least, the old cars, old trams. All these postcards about the old Oradea, are grouped in a set called : La belle epoque.

Another set contains the postcards which show Oradea nowadays. But Adrian didn’t stop only at Oradea. Further, he has realised a postcard set about Sibiu nowadays:


and the postcard sets which shows the medieval towns from Transylvania, as they looked in the middle age.


This is a postcard about Sighișoara:



And Sibiu in the middle age:


All these „medieval” postcards were inspired from old drawings.

The small busines has grown, and it has more future plans.


I posted here some of the Adrian’s postcards which belong to my collection. However, there are much more postcards and more future projects.  The portofolio might be seen at this webpage: