Slowly, but surely, a new postcard series will appear and perhaps they will travel all around the world. That postcard seies will represent something beautiful and interesting, from a region where is difficult to find something interesting and exciting. This is briefly my project which I have started, together with this blog.


How my first postcard series was born

I live in a rural region situated in south Hungary, region called Ormánság. I am here since 2013. The fact was that there were no postcards in this region(Ormánság), about the villages from Ormánság. There are biger and more important villages in this region, like Vajszló and Sellye. And no postcards about Vajszló, or Sellye, or whatever any other village. In that time, the women from the post office from Kémes (the village where I work at an NGO and where I lived then) said that there are no postcards about Kémes or other villages, but it will be nice to be.  At the end of 2013, with the support of the NGO where I’ve worked then (and now as well), I have designed my first postcards. Those were postcards about Kémes, printed in a very small edition. Soon, there was no more postcard left.

This is one of the postcards from the first series, in 2013:


By the way, the picture represents the old mill from Kémes, which nowadays belongs to the NGO where I work. This NGO tried to apply for founds in order to renovate the mill building and after, to use it as an educational center for youth… and not only for youth.


My project: The second postcard series

With the experience from the first postcard series, I want to design and print a new one, a better one. And for sure, in a biger quantity.

First, I have launched a poll on Facebook. According to the poll’s results, here are the themes which those postcards will cover:

  1. general views, street views
  2. local traditions, including local traditional food
  3. a castle and/or a church
  4. map of Ormánság, combined with useful information


A postcard about the map of Ormánság with some description and useful information

First, let’s search for the elements of the map. Ormánság is a rural area in southern Hungary, located between the Tenkes hills and the Drava River. The Drava river represents also the natural border with Croatia. How I said before, this is a rural area, composed by around 40 villages connected by road networks. The fact is that it’s a backwarded region, with poor villages and also the cultural heritage is poor. What about the natural landscapes? The area is flat, there are no mountains, no hills, no spectacular natural sceneries! But, on the other hand, here are more forests and the river Drava which is also worth visiting.

The cultural heritage is represented mainly by churches, one castle in Sellye, ruins of a pallace in Drávafok, and… food!  yum yum 🙂

One more element, as part of the traditions: the weaving. Until the WWII, almost every woman used to weave clothes for herself and for her familly members. There is even a motif from Ormánság. Nowadays, the weaving is a forgotten occupation, only a few old people are keeping the weaving alive.

Starting from these elements (churches, historical buildings, forests, river Drava, food, weaving), I want to design a map of Ormansag, with the villages, the connecting roads and the rivers. So it will be more complex then an ordinary map.


A postcard about the watermelon, maybe the most famous product of Ormánság

The watermelon is cultivated by many people from Ormánság region. The soil and the climate here is proper for watermelon growing, that’s why, this fruit has earn a good reputation. The watermelon from Sellye is known almost all-over Hungary. So, we can consider that the watermelon is a representative product for the villages from Ormánság. This is the product which can be exported!

Besides this, every year there is the „Watermelon festival” in Sellye.

How the postcard will be designed:

  • a picture with a delicious watermelon (yum yum 🙂 )
  • at the bottom will be a brief map with the villages where the watermelon is cultivated more (Baranyahídvég, Vajszló, Csányoszro, Sellye)
  • a mention about the annual watermelon festival from Sellye.


A postcard about the town square from Vajszló

Last year, the town square from Vajszló has been renovated and now it looks great 🙂  Even that’s a small square, it looks pretty nice and it might be a symbol for Vajszló. Here is the town square:

vajszlo (6)

This picture is just an informative picture, this will not be used for the postcard.


A postcard about the castle from Sellye and the „Arboretum”

Sellye is called „the capital of Ormánság”. This is not a town really, is something between a biger village and a small town. Here in Sellye we can find a great architectural heritage, the Draskovics (Drashkovich) castle, together with its garden called „arboretum”. Nowadays, nobody prints postcards about the castle. All what I’ve found are old postcards about it. You can see one of them here:

The castle wasn’t changed from outside. Only the garden suffered changes. I think the castle with its arboretum deserves to be popularised, so let’s bring it the glory from the past!


Now is your turn, because the postcards will be created for you! Let’s be interactive. Leave me a comment and write what are your expectations about the next postcards. Which one from them do you like more?

See you next time