Hello and let’s see an another unusual postcard. I’ve bought this postcard from Prague, Czeck Republic.

At the first sight, it looks thicker than a normal postcard. You can see that is something folded inside:

DSCF3715 DSCF3716


Now let’s unfold the postcard and… look:



This is a 3D postcard. You have to look through the lenses and you will see the Cathedral and the buildings in „3D” mode. 🙂




As you see, at the back there are 2 photos. I mean one photo, but replicated twice. I’m not able to explain how does it work, why and where comes this „3D” effect from… you have just to try it and you will see.

This is the picturefrom the back:



As a conclusion, it is possible to do unusual postcards in many ways. It is possible to find many ways to fold some pieces of paper, like that was, or other postcards from the previous posts. The imagination is the limit!