Lot of happy people going around, good music, and good weather. Yes, we are at the festival. At every festival there are salesmen who try to sell different interesting objects: handcrafted souvenirs, or food, or t-shirts, or anything else. I have took a look around the place, to find some postcards and… of course, I found the table where they are selling postcards.

What I bought there is not an ordinary postcard, based on a photo, it’s a postcard which represents a hand drawing, a sketch. Take a look on it, this is the Liberty Bridge, from Budapest – Hungary:

Liberty bridge, budapest, Hungary
Liberty bridge, budapest, Hungary


Why not, sometimes a sketch may add more effect than a photography. But for sure, it depends on the quality of the drawing and the quality of the photo. I’m thinking now that a postcard based on a sketch drawing can be a solution for some places where there’s noting so special to include on a good photo. 

Do you like the postcards based on drawings?