Hello dear reader! It was a time when I had no inspiration, no ideas what to post on this blog. But do you know, lack of inspiration may be for the moment, may be for a while, but it can’t be forever… unless you want that.

No matter where are you from (however, I would like to get followers from all around the world), you can feel the effects of the global warming. The global average temperature has been raised by 0,5 C degree, and due to this, some areas are coping with desertification and lack of water. Stronger hurricans are damaging cities, new fires are burning the forests. But in the same time, pushed by this economy, the people cut the forests, pollute more. The agriculture is a very polluting activity. Apart from this, more and more lands which are deforested to be given to the agriculture.

It’s not my goal to write here an essay about the global warming. You may find a lot of documentaries on youtube about this topic.

I’ve found, for example this short, but very concise video:


Amazon desert??!!  It’s so scaring.


My purpose is to show by the help of postcards, the  effects of the global warming, and to sensibilise the people that we still have time to stop this phenomenon. The plants are our best friends in the fight with the global warming.

How that man said in the video, the future generations maybe won’t know what is a tree!

By the way, yesterday I have bought a Juniperus chinensis small tree. Apart from this, I have a lemon tree. I think everyone may have a juniper small tree in a pot, in a flat.

But now, let’s turn back to the postcards.

For this project I will continue to buy postcards about parks, forests, and plants (any kind of plants), and something new in my collection: postcards about places which are changed by the global warming, or agriculture. If you have such postcards about places altered by the global warming, or  by human activity, we may exchange. Contact me for infos.

Because I don’t have scanner now, I will post the already scanned postcards what I have in this topic:



The Botanical Garden from Cluj Napoca, Romania


The botanical Garden from Bolestraszyce, Poland