Yesterday I have written about a project meant to raise awareness about the climatic changes which affects all of us.

Today I have seen a documentary which has shown (among the others), the concept of a new city. Near Dubai, a new city is raising, and that is called Masdar. The city’s architecture is inspired by… you cannot imagine – is inspired by the Medieval cities, where the buildings were built so close each to the other, and the streets were so narrow. Something similar is designed in Masdar, and due to this architecture, there’s no need for cars.

For sure there are more such cities like Masdar in the world. And it would be great to achieve some postcards from those cities. In the first step, dear reader, let’s create a list of the eco-cities from all over the world. And then, it will be easier to search for postcards.

Dear reader, if you know such eco-cities, or eco-villages, write me in a comment.

Best wishes